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Friday, April 29, 2016

Rob's Room: Sin City: the Big Fat Kill Portfolio of PinUps

NSFW because boobies!
Sin City: the Big Fat Kill Portfolio of PinUps (via ungoliantschilde tumblr)

Wanted TPB: The Eternal

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Kevin Walker
Marvel Comics (2003)
The Eternals #1-6

Originally this mini-series about the origin of the Eternals was supposed to come out as a TPB. It was listed on Amazon, but for whatever reason Marvel decided against it. This mini-series from the more adult Marvel imprint MAX had a lot of rawness to it that I liked. It's about rebelling against their Makers for the love of lesser creatures. The art style that Kevin Walker embraces in this book does justice to Jack Kirby's original creation without simply being a mimic.

Image Blitz Dork Style